This is a page for links that are useful in gaming, computer programming, and computer science. Please annotate as you add. This needs to be dynamic and robust!

The list starts with a view that involves what might be called "positive gaming" -- these are games that are designed to improve us, our environment, and some part of the world, from small to large!

Games for a Positive Change, or Just fun! (suggestions from Reality is Broken, by Jane McGonigal,
  • A social network and site for producing games that make a positive difference -- really a fun place to get involved in game production at any level.
  • Bounce is a game which provides you and a partner with questions to help structure intergenerational conversations.
  • Chorewars is a chores-management game -- very cool way to get things done!
  • The Come Out & Play Festival seeks to provide a forum for new types of public games and play. Intriguing site!
  • A game of benevolent idea
  • An inflight game, archived, but an interesting diversion for fliers who are, um, nervous .. might be an app...
  • EVOKE: a game network for social innovation -- starts out with a page seemingly from a graphic novel, which captured my attention immediately!
  • Formerly known as The Extraordinaries, a game for microvolunteering..
  • Protein-folding puzzles -- reminds me of John Conway, known in CS education circles for the oft-assigned Game of Life, but also known for his research into knot geometry and topology, which eventually became a crucial part of the study of DNA...
  • What a cool idea -- for each correct answer in this game, 10 grains of rice are donated through the World Food Programme to help end hunger!
  • This is really an archive of a game that explores the Smithsonian Museum by a a multimedia scavenger hunt, deciphering codes, following treasure maps, sending text messages, and uncovering hidden objects.
  • This is a game that's a smartphone app. Check it out!
  • Part comic. Part novel. Part game. This game begins with Token Wars, and the objective is to reduce energy. This is a smart-meter project, one best played with Internet-connected home energy meters.
  • PlusOneMe (+1 me) helps you acknowledge people's strengths. It's gold stars for grownups. When you want to acknowledge somebody for a strength they have, you can +1 them for that attribute. This is simple, easy, and mushy-cool!
  • A different learning environment that includes game-oriented learning models.
  • Contribute to the Spore galaxy!
  • Starts out with a game...and continues making worldchanging games powered by the science of positive emotion and social connection.

History of Games and Listing of Top Games in History

Many thanks to John Zuur Platten, Director of Digital Media in Rubicon Studio's Los Angeles office, who suggested the following three links. We'll examine some of the games with which he's associated, including Dinger and Dragon Eggs for the iPhone/iPad.

HTML5 Game Programming

Alice Programming

Scratch Programming

Karel J Robot



Game Maker

Greenfoot Programming
  • Greenfoot is an interactive Java development environment designed primarily for educational purposes at the high school and undergraduate level. It allows easy development of two-dimensional graphical applications, such as simulations and interactive games.

Universities and Colleges

Book Publishers
  • Pragmatic Bookshelf -- cutting edge plus accumulated, veteran wisdom in the selection of publications -- many are also sold as ebooks.
  • O'Reilly -- wide variety of tech and computer books, videos, and other media, including webcasts and webinars.
  • Skylit is run by the Litvin family, who have made major contributions to high school computer science and mathematics -- their books are hands-on, student oriented.
  • Microsoft Press books, now distributed by O'Reilly -- lots of good books specific in most ways to Microsoft, but with great wisdom for all programmmers
  • Addison-Wesley Professional, publisher of many good computer programming books a decade ago, is now an imprint of Pearson -- this is the educator's page, with good links..

Other Links